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University of Arkansas
Ralph E. Martin Department of Chemical Engineering 
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Distinguished High School Mentor Award

Chemical Engineering Students Thank Their High School Teachers, Principals or Counselors

Each April, our department presents the Distinguished High School Mentor Award at our annual Spring Banquet. This unique honor was developed in 2002 to allow our students to recognize the outstanding high school mentors who have consistently motivated them to strive for excellence and higher achievement including high school teachers, counselors, principals, or ministers, for example. Nominations for this award are accepted by the department's American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Student Chapter Council by November 15th of each year, and awardees are determined by the Department's AIChE Council by December 1st.

Nomination packages include an essay about how the nominee has influenced or inspired students to strive for success, along with brief biographical information. Successful nominees are notified by the beginning of December and contacted regarding their willingness to stand for the award. A maximum of three awards are presented each year. Awardees are ineligible for consideration for two years (meaning that a winner from 2002 would be eligible for consideration again in 2005).

Beginning with the 2006 recipients, the award also includes a donation to the mentor's high school by the Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers, which was founded in 2005 to honor outstanding graduates of our department.

Students, please take the time to fill out a nomination form and submit it by the November 15 deadline. This is an excellent way to honor the people who have had a significant and positive impact on your lives. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Distinguished High School
Mentor Application Form

High School Mentor Award Recipients by Year